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Apache Trafodion


We're working on release 2.4!

Check out the Roadmap page for planned content.

Apache Trafodion 2.3.0 was released February 28, 2019.

Check it out on the Download page.

Apache Trafodion 2.2.0, our first release as a Top Level Project, was released on March 12, 2018.

Check it out on the Download page.

Apache Trafodion is now a Top Level Project!

See the NewsWire article for the official announcement.

See also this nice article where Trafodion's own Suresh Subbiah spreads the word on Trafodion's features.

Apache Trafodion 2.1.0-incubating was released on May 1, 2017.

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Apache Trafodion is a webscale SQL-on-Hadoop solution enabling transactional or operational workloads on Apache Hadoop.

The name "Trafodion" (the Welsh word for transactions, pronounced "Tra-vod-eee-on") was chosen specifically to emphasize the differentiation that Trafodion provides in closing a critical gap in the Hadoop ecosystem.

Trafodion builds on the scalability, elasticity, and flexibility of Hadoop. Trafodion extends Hadoop to provide guaranteed transactional integrity, enabling new kinds of big data applications to run on Hadoop.

Key Features

  • Full-functioned ANSI SQL language support
  • JDBC/ODBC connectivity for Linux/Windows clients
  • Distributed ACID transaction protection across multiple statements, tables and rows
  • Performance improvements for OLTP workloads with compile-time and run-time optimizations
  • Support for large data sets using a parallel-aware query optimizer

Key Benefits

  • Reuse existing SQL skills and improve developer productivity
  • Distributed ACID transactions guarantee data consistency across multiple rows and tables
  • Interoperability with existing tools and applications
  • Hadoop and Linux distribution neutral
  • Easy to add to your existing Hadoop infrastructure


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