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Apache Trafodion 2.2.0-Release Notes

2.2.0-Release Notes

This is the first release of the Apache Trafodion project.

Build instructions are available in the Trafodion Contributor Guide.

New Feature

Feature Jira ID
Trafodion Elasticity enhancements TRAFODION-2001
LOB Support in JDBC TRAFODION-2287
Improve UPDATE STATISTICS performance for varchar columns TRAFODION-2376
RMS enhancements TRAFODION-2420
jdbcT4 profile configuration for publish to maven central TRAFODION-2513
Improve the log4j and log4cxx infrastructure in Trafodion TRAFODION-2596
Port Esgyn DTM changes to Trafodion TRAFODION-2623


Feature Jira ID
hdfs directories owned by trafodion id should be under /user/trafodion TRAFODION-2098
populateSortCols was flagged as major perf offender during profiling TRAFODION-2422
Enhance stringtolob builtin function to take varchar/char columns as parameter TRAFODION-2516
Allow scalar UDFs with delimited identifiers TRAFODION-2517
Improve handling of index hints TRAFODION-2569
Remove obsolete utility commands, turn off obsolete privileges TRAFODION-2603
set rowcount option in UPDATE STATISTICS does not suppress rowcount logic TRAFODION-2618
Simplify installation setting of HBase config parameters TRAFODION-2663
Ensure RMS can be disabled properly TRAFODION-2698


Feature Jira ID
Implement relational operator for common subexpressions and transformation TRAFODION-2317
Add optimizer/opt_error.h to TRAFODION-2474
function support: Reverse() TRAFODION-2485
Update wiki for scalar UDFs to explain trusted flavor TRAFODION-2558
Support Index hints in a DML statement TRAFODION-2573
SQL engine work for Elasticity TRAFODION-2628
Add check to NATable cache for snapshot info TRAFODION-2723

Bug Fixes

Feature Jira ID
LP Bug: 1442483 - SQL queries hang when Region Server goes down TRAFODION-1151
LP Bug: 1443482 - Accessing hive table with ucs2 encoded field returns 0 rows TRAFODION-1165
after uninstall, and reinstall again, dcscheck report dcs master not up TRAFODION-1989
Need better errors when DIVISION BY expression is incorrect TRAFODION-2240
WITH clause with CTE used in subquery gives error 3288 TRAFODION-2248
TLOG repeatedly reporting exceptions in deleteEntriesOlderThanASN TRAFODION-2253
need add privilege checking for explain statement TRAFODION-2294
Sequence operators are not parallel starting with the WITH clause support TRAFODION-2324
bash installer: always copy bashrc template file to trafodion's $HOME TRAFODION-2428
Invalid characters in UCS2 to UTF8 translation are not handled correctly TRAFODION-2477
HDFS connection issue during LOB creation TRAFODION-2495
TMUDF sometimes does not pass errors from its input table up to the caller TRAFODION-2499
Obscure cores seen in Trafodion while running jenkins tests with RH7 TRAFODION-2514
process abend when updating primary key with TRAF_RELOAD_NATABLE_CACHE ON TRAFODION-2527
Update stats on cell or row access to a Trafodion table raises error 9252 TRAFODION-2529
UPDATE STATISTICS is sensitive to tdm_arkcmp autocommit setting TRAFODION-2530
Create index succeeds but resulting index is empty, if dop greater than 32 TRAFODION-2535
Salted indexes do not result in parallel index scan plans TRAFODION-2537
Skew buster plan not chosen when join predicate involves SUBSTRs TRAFODION-2552
RIGHT function gives incorrect answer on UTF-8 varchars sometimes TRAFODION-2559
Index plan not chosen for UPDATE when WHERE clause and set clause are on the same index column TRAFODION-2574
UPDATE STATS sometimes fails on very long varchars TRAFODION-2575
Incremental UPDATE STATS fails on long varchar values TRAFODION-2576
installers should allow multiple ldap hosts and ldap UID lines TRAFODION-2579
UPSERT USING LOAD running slower than UPSERT with transactions disabled TRAFODION-2586
Give better diagnostics when HBase is not available while Trafodion starts TRAFODION-2592
Insert Select to/from Trafodion tables containing LOB columns TRAFODION-2598
sort operator merge phase memory pool improvement TRAFODION-2604
Rework fix to JIRA Trafodion 2294 TRAFODION-2605
Input parameters and current functions in input tables of TMUDFs TRAFODION-2611
Internal assert in CLEANUP command in some unusual cases TRAFODION-2612
HBaseTxClient throws TableNotFoundException for TRAFODION.DTM.TDDL TRAFODION-2614
TMUDF returns wrong results with small numeric inputs TRAFODION-2615
Nested join regression after fix for TRAFODION-2569 TRAFODION-2616
Memory leak in emitRow() in table-mapping UDFs TRAFODION-2625
Disk IO counter is not populated for hdfs/hive IOs TRAFODION-2631
FLOOR and CEIL return a float data type instead of the argument data type TRAFODION-2634
Core on select count( *) using hbase cell access on a salted Trafodion table TRAFODION-2635
Modest memory leak in metadata context and with CQS TRAFODION-2636
Library management in the absence of password-less ssh TRAFODION-2637
Ambari integration - dcs install with HA enabled TRAFODION-2642
Obsolete the bash installer TRAFODION-2644
mxosrvr connection state doesn't change to AVAILABLE after the timeout if no client connect to it TRAFODION-2646
sqgen no longer provides "overflow" directive for scratch disks TRAFODION-2647
New added persist configuration section missing program run time options TRAFODION-2648
Method used in rmscheck script for obtaining status is incompatible with elasticity TRAFODION-2649
Sort operator loops at times TRAFODION-2653
Change the location of trafodion-site.xml from $TRAF_HOME/etc to config TRAFODION-2654
MDAM plans on prefixes sometimes not chosen when they should be TRAFODION-2655
Incremental UPDATE STATS fails on very large sample tables TRAFODION-2662
privileges regression tests privs1/TEST040-44 output non-printable characters TRAFODION-2678
Repeated execution of prepared SQL select statement causes memory leak TRAFODION-2681
JVM startup options like heap are not passed correctly TRAFODION-2682
the value of Numeric Struct need not to be changed to BidEndian TRAFODION-2687
Log files are not created by monitor child processes TRAFODION-2689
Monitor fails to start when node names are not of the right form TRAFODION-2692
control query cancel qid fails with error 8031 sometimes TRAFODION-2696
[ODBC]The maxlength for LargeInt was fixed to 8 TRAFODION-2701
[ODBC] The SQL type is set to CHARACTER(n) CHARACTER set USC2, SQLGetData to read data multiple times returns the wrong length value TRAFODION-2702
Using multi-threads app with linux-odbc to connect trafodion will make dcs down TRAFODION-2709
JDBC LOB tests show symptoms of a leaked statement handle TRAFODION-2724
SQL types are real, FLOAT, and DOUBLE. Some values are inserted, a stack overflow occurs when SQLGetData is executed. TRAFODION-2725
Using function strtod is not enough to convert C_CHAR to DOUBLE TRAFODION-2750
JDBC executeQuery() throws exception on the with … select stmt TRAFODION-2757
LOAD and UNLOAD statements with LOB columns cause runtime errors TRAFODION-2764
Select count( * ) from a renamed table should return error 4082 instead of error 8448 TRAFODION-2767
When convert NULL to SQL_VARCHAR , the length was not be sent TRAFODION-2811
For Server 2008, function pow() in driver ODBC throws STATUS_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION TRAFODION-2818
When using failed connection handle to alloc statement handle, crash happens TRAFODION-2890
datalen is wrong while converting varchar in table to local datetime struct TRAFODION-2902
Catalog Api gives wrong values about NON_UNIQUE column TRAFODION-2911
Python installer does fails when Kerberos is enabled TRAFODION-2935
initialize trafodion failed at CentOS 6.9 TRAFODION-2941
license year should be updated TRAFODION-2942


Feature Jira ID
JDBCT4 group id needs to be changed to org.apache.trafodion in JAR TRAFODION-2544
JDBC T2 build changes needed for Trafodion release TRAFODION-2554


Feature Jira ID
update sql reference manual about with clause syntax TRAFODION-2405
Add with Clause TRAFODION-2522
Add tinyint data type for sql reference manual TRAFODION-2548
update sql reference manual about new hive data type TRAFODION-2549
update sql reference manual about metadata clean up command TRAFODION-2550
Remove Automating Update Statistics for SQL Reference Manual TRAFODION-2657
Update Character String Data Types TRAFODION-2665

Supported Platforms

Operating Systems RedHat / CentOS 6.5 – 6.8
Hadoop Distributions Cloudera distributions CDH 5.4 – 5.6
Hortonworks distributions HDP 2.3 – 2.4
Apache Hadoop with Apache HBase 1.0 – 1.1
Java Version JDK 1.7.0_67 or newer

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