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Apache Trafodion Port Assignment

The following table lists the default ports used by the different Trafodion components plus the configuration file and configuration attribute associated with each port setting.

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Default Port Configuration File Configuration Entry Required Range Protocol Comment
4200 rest-site.xml Yes 1 REST Trafodion REST Server.
4201 rest-site.xml Yes 1 HTTPS Trafodion REST Server (HTTPS).
23400 dcs-site.xml dcs.master.port Yes n binary Start of Trafodion DCS port range. (37800 for Trafodion 1.1)
24400 dcs-site.xml Yes 1 HTTP DCS master web GUI. (40010 for Trafodion 1.1)
24410 dcs-site.xml Yes n HTTP Start of range for DCS server web GUIs. (40020 for Trafodion 1.1)
50030 mapred-site.xml mapred.job.tracker.http.address No 1 HTTP MapReduce Job Tracker web GUI.
50070 hdfs-site.xml dfs.http.address No 1 HTTPHDFS Name Node web GUI.
50075 hdfs-site.xml dfs.datanode.http.address No 1 HTTPHDFS Data Node web GUI.
50090 hdfs-site.xml dfs.secondary.http.address No 1 HTTPHDFS Secondary Name Node web GUI.
60010 hbase-site.xml No 1 HTTPHBase Master web GUI.
60030 hbase-site.xml No 1 HTTPHBase Region Server web GUI.

There are two port ranges used by Trafodion.

  • 23400 is a range, to allow multiple mxosrvr processes on each node. Allow a range of a few ports, enough to cover all the servers per node that are listed in the "servers" file in the DCS configuration directory.
  • 24410 is a range as well, enough to cover the DCS servers per node, usually 1 or 2.

If you use Trafodion 1.1, then the older port numbers are 37800 and 40010.

On top of that you would need the ports required by your Hadoop distribution. Most of this information comes from a script to sand-box a development install, including the major ports used. The script's name is trafodion/core/sqf/sql/scripts/install_local_hadoop.

Although not all the ports will be used on every node of the cluster, you would need to open most of them for all the nodes in the cluster that have Trafodion, HBase or HDFS servers on them.

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